How do I finish my first webpage?

Hello I am neuw and just started to use replit I mad my first page due using theaders and a footr, but don’t know how to finish

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Hi @Tomkat2020 thanks for your post.

When I run the repl I see this:

If this isn’t what you want the page to show can you describe exactly what you want it to do?


You need to use CSS (cascading style sheets). It gives the formatting, color, etc., to websites (and other things too). CSS is pretty self-explanatory and there are tutorials online.


If you mean closing the tags, insert the </article> tag before the footer.

However, if you want to continue moving on with CSS and Javascript, include a <link rel=‘stylesheet’ href=“YOUR_CSS_FILE”> at the top of your HTML and <script src=“YOUR_JS_FILE”></script> at the end of your HTML so that those files will run when your HTML file is loaded.