How do I find the webview tab

I am trying to create a discord bot with a youtube tutorial. The discord bot works but I can only see “Console” and the “Shell” tab on my right. But I am missing “webview” tab. Without the webview tab I cannot get the replit url which also means I can not use uptimerobot. Is there a way to get the replit url without using webview. Or is there a way to enable WebView?


Hey @JonahSmith13, welcome to the forums!

There’s no webview for discord bots, you’ll need to add it to your server!

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There can be a WebView, but the user has to setup a web server.

I’m not so good at JavaScript
Could you give me an example or maybe what I should try?

Also, just a note: Replit is not good for hosting Discord bots, as it only frustrates people that they keep getting rate-limited or they randomly stop working.

You can use replit-dis-uniter - npm (