How do I find the ip of a computer in the replit console?

How can I find the ip of a user using my program?

Hi @NeonG4 welcome to the community!

Have a look at this GetIPAddress - Replit - does it help?

Sort of… I want to not have code, but run a command in the console. This gets my ip address, but I want a user of my mc server.

I don’t think that’s possible here. Do you have a link to a Repl you are using to connect to MC at the moment?

Yes, its MC SEVER 09483509134 - Replit. I want to permanently ban a player, so joining alts won’t work. The repl has a ban command, and a ban ip command, so I want to use the ban-ip command to ban them from the server.

Hi @NeonG4 thanks for that. Have you already checked out the Eaglecraft Discord Server ? I’m sure you won’t be the first user who has tried to permaban an IP.

Hope this helps

run this in the shell:


the output is the ip