How do I display the console window?

There is no visible “wrench icon” anywhere on the page

Could you be more specific?

typing javascript code, but I cannot check output because there is no console to view it on. Searching the help topics claims there’s a “wrench” to click on which I cannot find.

hey there, you can view the console by basically doing this:
press the small +

typing in console

and finally press that

since you’re probably using node, otherwise if you’re using a HTML/js/css repl:
press the small +

type in webview

press it

then press the small wrench


found the wrench. thank you. But isn’t there just a simple way for the console to display while I’m writing my code? Obviously, I’ve never used this interface before, but I must be missing something about the interface.

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is it a html repl? if so, then no you just have to press it. Also, please mark my solution as solved just to make sure anyone else with the question knows it’s the solution

Hmm… I’m not using HTML. Just looking to see output from a console.log( ) in js.

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yes then my solution works, you have to type in console :+1: please mark MY post as solved (BTW you realize that the console auto opens in a node repl)

You click the wrench :sob:

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