How do I disable replit from coverting my repl to Nix

I was recently looking at old repls when I opened one up it displayed a screen that,
The repl was converting to Nix.


  1. The title
  2. Does old repls that has not been converted can still run on replit?
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  1. You can’t really stop replit from converting to Nix, except for viewing on the published page,.
  2. Yes, but replit will convert them eventually

why? Nix is a good way of managing packages. If there’s an issue, could you link the repl?

if you want one that has’ent been converted
here the link

if i cant stop making them convert it
then how do i backup the old repl and replitcate the same env?

write nix = false in .replit file where its says things like language = “python”


But I think you can. :slight_smile:

but how do i chage it if i go to replit it will convert

My repl was auto converted too and lost every every python file I had inside. And I can’t find any way to restore.

Hey @xWonder87x! That should not be happening. Can you please send me the link to your Repl so I can escalate this to the engineers?

Nevermind, I’ve replied to your post directly here

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