How do I disable/remove the automatic Webview that pops up. It makes my program fail

I have a C program that opens a listening port, and I presume this triggers the automatic Webview.

The Webview does not work since the port is not designed to be used as requested by Webview. The Webview prevents my program from working.

Please make the Webview an optional configurable element.

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You can disable it by going to Tools > Settings:


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Well, it works for direct access to the repl, but not when it is embedded. I have looked at other posts which suggest adding ?embed=true&lite=true&outputonly=true. This does not seem to work. I just want to see the console when it is embedded. BTW, this is how it used to work when I first configured it.

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Make it listen on, that’ll fix it.


That just hides the problem

Will not work since it is a server and needs to be accessible; it’s just that it is a very special service. Without going into too many technicalities, Webview fails and makes the service fail.

As I mentioned before. I have had this repl embedded for a long time, and I just noticed that it is no longer working, so it is your newer changes that made it fail.

Use GitHub - vi/websocat: Command-line client for WebSockets, like netcat (or curl) for ws:// with advanced socat-like functions or nginx and have that listen on

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This is so not applicable. Why would you even suggest this?

I have a special service that that no longer works due to your changes.

If it’s a non-HTTP service, make it bind on

I am not going to go into a lengthy reason for why I need it the way it is. All of your responses are of no use.

Please have your repl service provide a feature that makes it possible to use it how it used to work. It’s simply an error from your side in making the type of assumptions you have made.

I don’t work for Replit. I’m just trying to help. Also, if you don’t want a repl to open a webview for a port, don’t make it listen on

Add to the .replit file

localPort = # local port of your service here
externalPort = 9000

And add :9000 when accessing the special service externally.
Then you could host a webserver on a different port to your special service which contains the output you need

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I see. Well, I filed this as a bug report, so I assumed you worked for Replit.

Anyone can see this.

This is a user forum, where users and staff alike can answer questions. As 9pfs1 said, anyone can see this, and I will add that you don’t even need a Repit account to see this.


Thanks for all your community support. I will carefully test each option and see if anyone of them will help me :+1:

Settings option doesn’t actually work and these laggy-buggy webviews are annoying af. I’ve tried changing addr to but that breaks domain binding. Bug is still very much relevant

Settings turns them off when you click “run”, and

Completely disables web functionality.

What part does not work, why is it laggy/buggy?

I’ve disabled it in settings, reloaded replit and rerun the app multiple times but it still comes back every time

Regarding laggy-buggy - Idk exactly what’s wrong with it but basic htmx attrs stop working after a few clicks back and forth while same things work fine in chrome. I wish I could use this WebView for testing but for now I want at least to avoid freezes while its loading and having to switch back to the file I’m working on each time

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