How do I delete everything from my replit database?

Hi, I have some garbage in my apps replit database. Is there a way to clear everything from the database, even if I can’t remember all the keys I used? Thanks!

run this in shell: replit nuke --i-am-sure

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Hey @IanTorweihe, welcome to the community!

Here’s how you’d do it in Python:

from replit import db

for key in db.keys(): del db[key]

And in Node.js:

const Database = require("@replit/database");
const db = new Database();

db.list().then(keys => {
	keys.forEach((key) => {
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In Python you can use db.clear()

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Hey @IanTorweihe welcome to the forums!

Im forgetting how to do this (if possible). But you can do db.getKeys() and loop over and delte all the keys

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BTW that’s not a joke, it’s an actual command

Wait @QwertyQwerty88’s was a joke? Now I am confused.

UMAR at home be like

I’m not joking BTW it’s an actual command you can run

No mine was not a joke, he was saying that his command was an actual command

Yeah but that isn’t going to clear the database is it?

this is the code snippet from in the replit package that handles CLI:

@click.option("--i-am-sure", is_flag=True)
def nuke_db(i_am_sure: bool) -> None:
    """Wipe ALL key-value pairs in the DB."""
    if i_am_sure:
        click.echo(info("Beginning Nuke operation...\n"))
        keys = list(database.keys())

        for k in keys:
            del database[k]

        click.echo(success("Nuke operation successful."))
                "If you REALLY want to delete everything in your database, "
                "run again with the --i-am-sure flag."