How Do I Delete a File In A Repository on GitHub?

Hello everyone, maybe this isn’t the question for this site. But I had a question about Github. Does anyone know how to delete a file in the list ?
Ive added the list here and I wanted to delete the file that is called: new

@amel8star To delete a file in your repository, just press on that file (in this case new and in the corner, press the button. Then, select Delete File.



On a side note, it is bad Python practice to name a file with spaces in it. Keep this in mind in the future.

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I did what u said, but after i clicked the delete file button it didnt delete the file immediately even if i refreshed the page or do you suggest to wait longer or maybe something else?

@amel8star Could you please provide me with screenshots and/or videos of the screen that shows after you press Delete File in the dropdown menu?

I’ve made a video, but it couldnt upload on here. Do you maybe have an email that i can send to? Hopefully it will send then and for example if i send a screenshot maybe its not clear then.

Try uploading it to Loom or Vimeo so that I can access it.

It failed when uploading to Vimeo, so I tried it at Loom also my first time on Loom. I will add the video here. I hope its clear.

I see the issue here. On the page after you click Delete File, click Commit Changes.

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I was just about to say that.

@amel8star On GitHub Repos, I’m pretty sure you have to commit changes for them to actually take effect. It’s pretty much the GitHub equivalent of clicking “Save” on a file or something, except with a whole project.

It worked, Thank you! @RedCoder @boston2029

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