How do I create my own website

www. estels generals. Com

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Click the “Create Repl” button and choose the HTML-CSS-JS template. To code the website, I’d recommend the W3Schools HTML Tutorial.

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Hi there, @CandiaAlbert!

Are you trying to connect your domain with Repl, or learn how to create websites?

Linking your domain is fairly simple. First, open your Repl and find the “Webview” tab (you may have to run the Repl to see it, or open it from a new tab). Then, select the pen icon to open the Domain Linking panel, then which you can follow the steps to link your domain.

Images for linking domain

Screenshot 2023-05-17 9.34.15 PM
Screenshot 2023-05-17 9.34.58 PM

If you mean you want to create your own website with the domain you said, purchase it from a website like GoDaddy (it looks like the one you want is available). Then, use the steps above to link your domain. If you’d rather not pay, Replit already has a subdomain set up for your project. After thats all taken care of, you need to learn something called HTML to create a nice layout for your website. If you want to add more functionality or style it to your liking, you can use CSS and JavaScript.

Now, it takes time and effort to produce a good website. Practice is key if you want to get better.
I hope this post helps you!