How do I create a 404 page

Using .htaccess doesn’t work. I’m using static html.

Is there any way to make a 404 page?

There is your issue. You cannot use .htaccess files with static HTML/CSS/JS sites. I would recommed switching to Node.js. If you’d like, I actually have a very easy setup for that.

Thanks! i don’t know nodejs, but id like to learn some.

Here’s an easy template to get you started (Just put your site files in the folder, and you’re good to go!):

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@ChickenG1ttrDev Sorry to ping, but I just made a tweak to the template, as I made a mistake with the 404 rendering. If you re-fork it, 404 will not cause a server crash now! :slight_smile:

If you link your repl to a git repository and use the repository’s link, that has worked for me. If you’d like instructions on how to do so, I’d be happy to help. This allows you to use a htacces

In order to make .htaccess work, you’d need to set up apache in a repl.

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