How do I copy console output in iOS?

Very new to Replit. I am trying to run the Jupyter Replit on iOS. The instructions say to run ./

First, I can copy that command, but I can’t paste it in the console tab. After I type the command manually, I can’t copy the output. I can’t even select text in the console. I can double click certain text and it will highlight up to the nearest punctuation, but after that I can’t copy or paste.

So more or less the Jupyter Replit is unusable on iOS unless I am missing something.

Hello and welcome to Ask @PatrickBailey1!
IIRC you cannot copy the output from the terminal on mobile devices due to how replit works, but you could do something like:

./ > log.txt

Which will log the output to a file called log.txt.

If that fails, try replacing > with &>.

Hope this helps!


Okay that is a clever workaround, thank you!

Is there a pending feature request to allow copy or paste into the console? I don’t want to create a new feature request if I can just add support to an existing one.

I will check, but I do not believe there is, hang on.

Edit: After looking, I cannot find an existing request for this.


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