How do I convert a Python script to machine code/an `exe` file?

So I want to convert a Python script to machine code/an exe file in one SINGLE file.
Apparently every tutorial I’ve seen was useless, and pyinstaller doesn’t even make an executable.

Don’t think OOP languages like python can go exe, like python need to keep track with every single variable’s type and value every time a command runs

I think you can try packet the entire python.exe with your code to do so, which kinda impossible

However if this is achievable I really wanna know how too (lol)

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wdym?? Python has to turn into Machine Code, or else it won’t run

No, Python doesn’t necessarily have to be compiled to machine code.

When Python code is run, it is first compiled into bytecode and executed with the CPython interpreter (unless you are using some other implementation of Python). The CPython interpreter is compiled to machine code, which will interpret the Python code.

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What I mean is that there is Machine Code as a result

I don’t know any way, but maybe these modules might help you:

Replit doesn’t support .exe files, are you doing this locally?

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I can just download the .exe file and run it on my local computer.
And btw, I’m asking for any type of Machine Code, not just .exe machine code

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To convert Python code to a .exe file, I use the auto-py-to-exe module.

No. C# is compiled to exe and then that file is executed.

You can try to convert Python code into “ELF”. It’s faster than exe, and is optimized for Linux, and sort of Mac. Also, there seem to be utilities for translating elf to exe. Replit also supports elf files.