How do I contact replit support?

What’s the best email address to contact replit for help with my subscription?

Sorry, we couldn’t process your scheduled subscription payment.
Please contact us to avoid any disruptions to your replit subscription.

sales have yet to reply (I’ve waited a week) so I’m spreading my hopes and trying… education, twitter DM and here.

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I am sorry for the lateness of our reply! Someone from Sales will be reaching out to you immediately.

That email is an automated message usually pertaining to an expiring free trial.


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Hopefully you’re correct. Just very concerning as it came a couple of days after my school paid for an Unlimited Teams subscription, a couple of days before my migrated classrooms free trial expired and didn’t say which it pertained to. Didn’t want it suddenly stopping mid lesson!

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I apologize for all the confusion. You are all set on all accounts. I responded to your first email, but I wonder if some of the Replit domain messages are being blocked. You can share this doc with your IT department to ensure messages are not being blocked. Sorry again for the scare.

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