How Do I Connect A Flask Website to a Custom Domain?

How do I connect a flask website to a custom domain? Do I need deployments?
Could someone please help? I know @QwertyQwerty88 @WindLother Have helped me in the past.

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Like you would any other website. Click the pencil icon on the webview

@QwertyQwerty88 When I do so, I just get a 404 error while trying to load the domain.
Also, should I get always on and/or boost my repl?

send some ss please

… if you want?

No, it works for all types of repls.

  1. Get a domain/subdomain somewhere.
  2. Link it to cloudflare or something (I think cloudflare proxying is broken for replit but I don’t have solid proof but maybe don’t use cloudflare proxying)
  3. in Replit, find this:

4. create new domain link
5. enter your domain, you will see this, save these records

6. go to cloudflare and put these records in (you will find more details if you search it up or I think there’s something in docs)
7. press link domain on replit
8. wait for DNS propagation or whatever, idk the name
9. yay custom domain