How do I code it is to hard and I don't have any ben

Coding is really hard and i don’t know what to do

Hi @P220020 welcome to the community!

Have you tried working through David’s 100 Days of Code course? The link is here

Hey @P220020,

sadly coding can be very difficult sometimes as @IanAtReplit said you should try this :

You can also try other tutorials from the learn page! Next week a Markdown tutorial will be announced on the learn page, so stay tuned for that.

^^^ try the tutorials they mentioned. Also remember that programming is super hard, I’ve been doing it for years now and I’m still feel like a beginner. Take your time, try reading some tutorials, and if you can, try to find an experience programmer to give you guidance and help you along the way.

Just keep coding until your fingers type automatically. It’s like learning to ride a bike, you fail miserably the first couple times, then you become amazing at it! You can also try to write a “Hello, world!” program in a ton of languages and find the lang you feel comfortable using. Also use the ^^programming tutorials^^ that those three mentioned above.