How do I clear up space for a repl program

I am using a Java program, but it will no longer run since it will throw a “java.lang.OutOfMemoryError:” error. I first bought the “hacker” subscription which said it would give me more memory, which it didn’t. Then I tried deleting files I had (other replied programs), but that had no effect. Lastly, I tried deleting aspects of the program, which did decrease the size yet somehow also decreased the amount of storage I had oddly. I’m really getting annoyed by this, how do I increase the amount of storage I have in a replit program? How do I clear up space for the replit program so I can have more space?

I am sure all my code is in proper syntax, it is for a class assignment that is due very soon.

That error usually means your program has run out of RAM, I would check for infinite loops. I cannot say much more because we don’t have any sample code from your project, or a repl link. Also, welcome to Ask!