How do i change the color of text in python or can i not

You can

In addition:

\x1b[38;2;{r};{g};{b} works for foreground


Use ANSI color codes. I have some at the top of this Py file.


Try looking at termcolor, it is a useful library for coloring text in the terminal.


You can copy and paste the code from python terminal colors · GitHub (I recommend bookmarking it)

Here’s how you can use them:

BLACK   = '\033[30m'
RED     = '\033[31m'
GREEN   = '\033[32m'
YELLOW  = '\033[33m'
BLUE    = '\033[34m'
MAGENTA = '\033[35m'
CYAN    = '\033[36m'
WHITE   = '\033[37m'
RESET   = '\033[39m'

print(f'Hello {BLUE}world!{RESET}')
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thank you this is the most helpfull responce on this post

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@bigminiboss’s is very good, but you can also do

import colorama

and then you can do things like:

print(f"{colorama.Fore.BLUE}This text is blue!")

This will output the text in blue. There are also many other Fore colors, the colorama documentation has them all: Documentation

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I wouldn’t use colorama since it has some disadvantages I can’t remember off the top of my head but yes that works

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