How do I add ".replit" to new folder

Every time I try to make new folder that says .replit it say’s that I already have a folder named that but I don’t remember making a folder named that. Is there any way I can still name the folder that?

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Hey @JaelJara welcome to the forums!

I think you are talking about the .replit file. Thats automatically made in almost all repls. You can view it by in the file explorer pressing the 3 dots than show hidden files.


If I delete the other files named that then can I make a new file named .replit?

Yes but why would you instead of editing the current one?

Sorry new to replit I’m not really sure how to use that folder. Where can I find the file explorer here?

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Oh I found it never mind thank you for the help!

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The file exploer is where you open other files and stuff. Its on the left in the editor


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