How do I add custom header file on replit Android app?

My PC is not working right now and I want to add cs50 library in my replit app.

I know mobile is now recommended but I’m just a beginner.

Welcome to the community, @watowo9045! Are you asking how to import CS50 projects into Replit?

I want to use #include<cs50.h> header file on my mobile app.
How do I add cs50 library?
I downloaded it from github but I don’t know how to add its file in my replit app.

You can just use my template below:

Harvinator 9000 (Harvard CS50 Template) - Replit

Hope this helps! :smiley:


Thanks now I can use cs50 library online but how do I use it in my android app. Is there a way to import this template?

What do you mean in your andriod app?

I logged in my replit account, clicked fork on your template and it showed up in in my android app.
Thank you, I’m closing this thread.

I think they meant the Replit mobile app.

Awesome! Could you please mark my answer as the solution?

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