How do I add a website in the near top right of a replit?

Hello, I am new. What do I do for it to say “Open Website” at the top of my replit?

Welcome to the community! You need to make it a website for it to say Open Website at the top of your repl. Learn more at the Replit Docs

You must create an HTML/CSS/JS repl.

Create any Repl that opens a port or hosts a website :).

Here’s a simple one liner example in Node.js:

require('express')().get('*', (_, res) => res.end('Hello World')).listen(3000)

It does the following:

  1. Imports the express.js library
  2. Creates an instance of express.js
  3. Setups a catch-all router that serves “Hello World”
  4. Opens a port (3000) and listens for requests on it

…or alternatively create a new HTML/CSS/JS Repl xD.

You could do one of the suggestions above… Or use Python Flask/Django :wink:

Simple Flask webserver:

from flask import Flask

app = Flask(__name__)

def index():
 return 'Hello from Flask!'

if __name__ == '__main__':'', port=81)

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To add a website link in the near top right of a Replit, you can add it as a hyperlink in the HTML code of the Replit’s header or navigation section. This can be achieved by editing the HTML file associated with the Replit project and adding a hyperlink code that points to the desired website URL.

The exact code and placement of the hyperlink will depend on the specific layout and design of the Replit project, so it is difficult to provide a precise answer without more information. However, generally, you can add a hyperlink to a website using the <a> tag in HTML. I also add my website remini in replit with take help from chatGPT.