How do I add a link to another part of my site?

I’m doing a Band Members assignment for coding class, and the teacher wants links to different sections of the site. How do I define the relationship to the original page and the type? Also, can the other page be HTML?

Hi @starlingpren07 really don’t think you should be posting your school / uni assignment tasks to this forum. It’s not right to expect others to do the work for you and your tutor will not understand how to help you if you are submitting work from someone else.

Please feel free to post questions that will help you understand the building blocks of programs, but don’t post tasks again.

Sorry, Ethan. It’s not like I was confused, actually needed help, and thought I could get it from the community literally available for asking help or anything.

There’s a difference between giving help and doing the thing for you.

Yes. I know. I’m not asking you to teleport to me and type it in. I just want help. Is that not what this place is for? Someone who truly intends to help wouldn’t tell me I’m expecting others to do the work for me. I asked my teacher for help, because you wouldn’t, and he explained it. That’s what you do when you become a teacher or make a section that’s meant for people to ask for help on a coding site.

Good point and all, but it’s against our policy to help with schoolwork. That’s called cheating, not help. Plus, helping you with schoolwork could get us in a load of trouble with administrators and could get Replit blocked at your school.

This is the site the whole class is using!

You should do that first, then come here.

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Closed this topic temporarily to allow the OP to reflect. Please do not post any further replies. Thanks!