How do i add a hyperlink in python

How do i add hyperlink in python

I want to create a a hyperlink in python that automaticly open without the user having to click on it

Does anyone have any ideas

Just to clarify you want the program to automatically open a new tab with a link?

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@Ethan yes that is what i want the program to do

Hi @TheOtherGuy can you share a link to your Repl with the work in progress? You’d have to have imported a browser library to do this. Remember that it would only do this within your Repl and not open a tab on the user’s computer.


ok here is the link

Thanks @TheOtherGuy

I took a look at the code. From what I can see you are attempting to open a browser tab on the user’s local computer. This isn’t possible from a Repl (for security reasons at the very least).

I downloaded the repl as a zip and ran the code on my local computer. It works as expected, opening a new tab in Chrome browser and navigating to the python docs url.

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