How difficult is Java?

Coding in java was easy enough for just-12-year-old me.

I don’t think I’m qualified to recommend starting languages, since I started at 5 with Lua and moved on to Java at 7 :rofl:

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I can’t even do JavaSvript.

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It’s really not that hard to learn. First just try to make a VERY basic backend for a project, such as a random number generator. Just copy the code that someone else made into yours and read it over to try to understand it. See if you can alter it to your liking. Continue to do this and you’ll notice things that will help you understand the basics. W3Schools is great resource for learning coding languages.


Java or JavaScript? (big difference)

Java. the language you can’t use html with

According to the results of this survey, Java is the most difficult language of all proposed in the voting.


It’s between Java and C++ I think.