How did you learn to code?

How did you learn to code?
  • I taught myself
  • Digital coursework (W3Schools, etc.)
  • Digital Class (Juni Learning, etc.)
  • School
  • Other (Please comment)
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I learned much of my code by looking at other people’s code.


who is juni learning

school taught me the very basics of HTML and Python

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@QwertyQwerty88 my school doesn’t have any form of computer class let alone a programming class the closest we can get is a robotics class mainly focusing on building (and it’s block coding). The only way I could learn programming is teaching myself, since there is only one person I know who knows about programming (my dad).


Look it up! You should find some results

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My dad’s friend is currently a programmer, and he’s been teaching me for about a month and a half before graduating. Other than that, I monstly just go and look at some websites on programming.


I was taught by chat gpt.
gave me code = I absorb code = pro


I did some basic Python at school, and that git me hooked.
Then, I did 100DoC, and then went for a coding class (useless cos I learnt everything in 100DoC), then I did (and still doing) FCC.


I learned the basics of Python from a friend, but from then on it was mainly just browsing through StackOverflow answers until I could understand a 2 line segment from some random developer’s PyPI package.

But seriously, I’ve learned from Googling my problems and developing them as I learned more from those solutions. When I recently learned some basic Assembly, resources were so hard to find that ChatGPT was often the best solution for learning material.