How comfortable do you feel using Replit?

Poll for everyone :point_down:

  • 1 | You don’t understand how do use it
  • 2 | You know somethings but frequently get stuck
  • 3 | You know how to use it but sometimes I get stuck
  • 4 | You know how to use it and don’t get stuck, but you’re not an expert.
  • 5 | You know how to perfectly use it

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Don’t worry if you answer is one of the low numbers, this poll is just for research :mag_right: . If you’ve got any questions on what to do when you get stucked on x thing you can always create a topic to receive help!


this thanks for creating this poll

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I would say that anyone who knows how to use it perfectly (for all possible language templates) should be hired immediately!

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I really need to take the time to properly figure out Nix, but I just can’t be bothered lol.