How can my n8n runing permanent

how can my n8n runing permanent , always after 5 hour my code well stoped, i pay for " always on awake" but always well stopen after few hour. plz help.
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Hey @devapp, welcome to the forums!

Unfortunately, there is no way for your Repl to be on forever. Your Repl will eventually fall asleep, to save resources. However, Always On immediately pings your Repl back on after it goes to sleep.


You can also try using a pinger like gdaybot, simply type this in the comment section of your repl.

@gdaybot keepalive
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This doesn’t prevent the Repl from going to sleep. It just does the same thing as Always On.

Soren also said that pingers won’t work soon.


You will have to implement a save-load-takeoff system as replit has no way of keeping your repl on forever, it will always sleep eventually.


Do note that gdaybot has a limit of 20 repls per account. I asked in the comment section if there was a way to change which 20 repls and nobody ever responded. Use wisely. There are also other pingers listed on (the site that gdaybot uses).


Really it’d be nice if we could delete our repls ourselves after repl auth.
Ask @codingMASTER398 to edit the database. If he doesn’t respond here try a DM

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The gdaybot keepalive command and uptimer are now disabled due to the new egress limits. Best way to contact me is via my Discord.

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