How Can I Sync My Figma Frontend To My Website?

I’d like to focus on programming the backend of my website, which is in Flask, and I have a frontend design on my Figma project. I can’t figure out a way to get my frontend from the Figma project to transfer over, allowing for near-to-zero CSS programming. Any ideas?

Just use their plugin:

Once you have the HTML and CSS, just place the HTML in your Flask template dir and the CSS in the static dir.

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@WindLother I’ve used this before, but I’m wondering if you have any ideas on how to make it automatically sync the data to my frontend.

You can use webhooks and the API’s from Figma to do this, like you can set up a webhook that triggers a process to convert the updated Figma design to HTML/CSS.

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Doing something more advanced you can create a Python script to do the work.

You set up the figma api access (read the documentation), create the script to trigger based on some event (or even schedule with Task Scheduler) and boom you have a automating script that will update based on the event you choose

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