How can I switch ownership of my organization and teams to another account?

I initially used a personal account to create my replit for education organization and and teams. However, I should have used my teacher account instead.

I’ve added the teacher account as an admin, but how can I change the owner from my personal account to the teacher account without messing up all the work that’s been done in this team?

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Hi @darrellquick thanks for your post and welcome to the community!

This is definitely something that you should contact for help with.

Hope this helps!


In fact, I’ve been working with replit support on this and another issue. Hopefully I’ll have an answer back on it soon. I just thought I’d also post this in other places in case there’s an easy solution to this part.

Hey @darrellquick thanks for your post and welcome to the community!

Sadly this is a feature that isn’t still on Replit, just like transferring ownership in a Repl. But I’m sure that these features will be added this year!