How can i share a link so that people can edit on my code

hello i want to know how can i share a link to someone so he can edit my code because i shared a link before with someone and he can not edit on my code

Hey @MichaelGeorge11, welcome to the forums!

Just click on the invite button and invite them via link or username!


All of what hugoondev said is true. A little more details:

  1. If you just click on the URL in your browser and send that to someone, they can’t edit the code, only view and run it. You must share it using the method that hugoondev said.
  2. To edit code, you must have a Replit account. I assume your friend has one?
  3. The URL in your browser is going to be (although it can have a specified file too if you have that open, such as ending in #index.html). To view your cover page for a given Repl, simply add ?v=1 to the end of the URL and then you will see what others see instead of the code editor.