How can i setup sveletekit 1.0.0 in replit.please?

how can i setup sveletkit version 1.0.0

I’m just another user but here’s what I would do:

  1. start a blank repl
  2. go to the shell view
  3. type npm init svelte@latest
  4. it will tell you npm is not installed. choose nodejs-16...
  5. let it do it’s magic
  6. hit y to proceed
  7. create project in current directory ( leave blank)
  8. it says directory not empty, continue - choose Y
  9. choose which template you want ( I chose demo app )
  10. choose which JS ( I chose JSDoc )
  11. choose if use ESLInt ( I chose y )
  12. choose prettier, etc choices
  13. now you are back at the console - type npm install
  14. after installing find the file .replit and open it
  15. change this line from cowsay Configure me! to npm run dev -- --host
  16. make sure that saves then click the big “run” button at the top
  17. bam! it’s working!

Here is the Repl I created using the steps I did above :

BTW I did the same thing to get an Astro instance running in a few seconds
the only difference was using npm init astro@latest and I had to create a directory ‘u’ and in the .replit file add a cd ./u before the run command.


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