How can I reset repl IP?

Hey all, it looks like i was blocked from a website from scraping it. Is there a way to change the IP address of my repl? (Im on hacker Plan)

(I was only scraping 1 once every 5 hours, so don’t really understand how it got banned)

-I’ve tried forking the repl (didn’t work)
-I’ve tried kill 1 in the shell it didn’t work either

Any help would be appreciated!

I assume this answer is right…

Repl is hosted on cloud server and every repl runs virtually within some cluster.

And replit do not allow to access machines they are hosted on hence there is no way of changing IP manually.

Best chance would be trying after some time or few day when server reboots it will get IP reset.

You can try setting up custom domain via cdn and use proxy guess that will work as Different IP and serve you purpose for time being :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah I guess proxy is the best way.

I already contacted the “Support” but received no response. Which is awesome for a service I’m paying for lol.

Thanks for the help

You can force a restart of your repl’s container by running kill 1 in the shell. This usually results in a public IP address change.

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Hi @kingtw can you confirm which support you contacted please? Replit? I can follow this up if so.