How can I receive email notifications?

So you want to receive email notifications? That’s great! But you might be thinking this :

How can I receive email notifications?

Well, it’s very simple! To receive these notifications first you need to get to the email page, you can do that by following this simple step :

  1. Click on this link :

If you’re an active member that frequently posts these email notifications are perfect for you! Once you click on the link you will be on the emails page. Let’s start configuring your email notifications!

First, we’ve got to the Email category. You can decide if you want to be emailed when you receive a personal message. Personal messages aren’t sent very frequently, normally regulars, staff and mods are the ones who receive personal messages.

Then you have the option to receive emails when you’re quoted, replied to, mentioned, or when there is new activity in your watched categories, tags or topics. If you’re an active member you should activate these, with this option you can customize the format of the emails.

And finally, we’ve got to the Activity Summary. These are the emails that will inform you of everything that will happen in x period of time. You can choose between :

Every 30 minutes
Every six month

to receive the summary email. To save your new email settings just click on the Save Changes button! But know you might be thinking this :

Do I get anything for activating email notifications?

Well, if you reply to a post via email you get the first reply by email badge!
If you’ve done all the steps until here, congrats! You now have activated email notifications.