How can I put my bot always running?


Hi guys, sorry but I am a little bit noob. I create a bot on whatsapp but I need the bot stay always on. Is that possible? I dont know if it is because im on the free plan but my bot stop running when I turn the computer off.

Hey @javial613 welcome to the forums!

The only way now to run bots for 24/7 after Replit’s changes is purchasing the Reserved VM Deployment (which you can get some run time for free with the Core Plan, or you can buy it separately as a Free Plan). I hope this helps!


Thank you so much for the answer. I have other question: is it too expensive? Imagine the bot use to reply 1200 messages per day.

That might get expensive for the bot, and you might want to look into free versions.

I was just looking around, possibly →