How can I provide more security to my account?

:warning:This guide is outdated :warning:

:warning: Since SSO was implemented by Replit staff non of following methods work anymore. :warning:

So you want to provide more security to your account? Well, that’s great! But you might be thinking some of these things :

Where do I enable it?

Do I need any apps?

Does 2FA provide more security?

In this guide, you will get a response to all of those questions! So let’s first enable 2FA. To access the security page just follow this simple step

  1. Click on this link :

Once you click on that link you will see that to first access the security page you need to confirm it’s you be putting your password.

Now that you’ve put the password you have finally access to the security page or the 2FA page. You’ve got 3 options :

  1. Token-Based Authenticators
  2. Physical Security Keys
  3. Two-Factor Backup Codes

You can choose as many as you want, personally, I’ve chosen all. You might be asking yourself this question :

Why have you enabled all 3 possibilities?

Well, imagine that the Authenticator app which I use to access is down, If I’ve got Physical Security Keys and Two-Factor Backup Codes with them I can still access!

Let’s go through the Token-Based Authenticators. For this you will need an app, I recommend Authy. It’s one of the best Authenticators and it’s on App Store, Play Store and it also available on Desktop. It’s very easy to manage and the app doesn’t have any type of latency! When you click on the blue button to add an Authenticator you will need to scan a QR code with an Authenticator and it will automatically be added.

Then you have Physical Security Keys. These are keys that you create and put a value, a custom value. These can be less secure to use, this is because you can add value to the key. If a person puts potato as the value of his key a computer can crack it in seconds.

And finally, we’ve got Two-Factor Backup Codes. These are maybe the most secure method since the codes have multiple letters and numbers making the computer need more time to crack into your account. Some people can’t actually remember all the codes provided so that is why normally people copy them into a paper and then use them!

If you’ve done all the steps until here, congrats! You now have provided more security to your account.


Its importent to note that if you have a social account (discord is the only one enabled here) on your account you are unable to use any of these option directly on Replit Ask.