How can I provide a grade for a submission? and a textual review?

I have created a project for students to submit.
However, when they submitted it, I couldn’t find a way to give them a grade (like a number between 1 and 100, for example). Is there such an option?
In addition, I could mark the submission as “reviewed”, but I couldn’t find a place to provide my comments for the code. Do I have to open a thread or write in the chat? I thought there might be a location for my review for their submission.

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Hey @shaharma, does this video help?

Not really

  1. There’s no place to set a numbered grade by the teacher (just “reviewed”)
  2. You can add some comments over specific pieces of code, but there’s no one place for a “review summary” for which I can give my overview appreciation.

Hi @shaharma there is no feature to allow for grading of projects, just the ability to mark as reviewed or add comments in the code. The reason for this is because many schools use their own LMS e.g. Google Classroom, Teams to assign the grades so having this feature in Replit might be overkill.

However if you feel that you and your students would benefit from this feature in the future please send Replit the suggestion!

To make sure that Replit can track feature requests and ideas for future changes please use the Share feedback link which can be found by clicking on the ? icon bottom left of any Repl.**