How can I migrate all my Repls to Nix?

I have hundreds of Python Repls from 2-3+ years ago and everytime I open one or one of the many people I share them with opens one, it takes over 2 minutes to migrate them to Nix. Each Repl is only very small, typically 10 lines. It’s become unworkable and without spending about 2 weeks opening each Repl one at a time, waiting for 2 minutes, then going on to the next one, I cannot find anything anywhere on the Internet that tells me how I can migrate all my Repls to Nix in a batch run.

Could somebody help please? Sorry if this question has been asked before, I’ve searched all sorts of combinations of migrate and nix and slow and bulk etc.


You can’t bulk migrate, you’ll just have to be patient when you are opening each repl for the first time in a while.


Surely that can’t be right. It takes over 2 minutes to open each one and so this could be a very tedious task that takes about 2 weeks of just opening a Repl, waiting for 2+ mins and then repeating about 500 times. It’s a task that should typically be automated by a computer process. Why would Repl put users in this position? I can’t be the only one with this problem. Thanks.

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It’s disappointing to hear that there isn’t a solution to this problem. We’ve had to abandon a curriculum that was set up in a classroom team because it’s wasting so much lesson time for each student waiting for conversion.

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It must be because the migration uses quite a lot of resources, so they don’t want to waste resources by updating repls which may never be accessed again. What’s the reason you suddenly want to open all these old repls at once?

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Because they are being used by hundreds of students all over the UK and it’s become unusable for them everytime they want to open a Repl it taking 2+ minutes to open them. So I need to change the originals so they are in the new format so they don’t take ages to open.

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