How can I make the console read RTL (Arabic)

when I write the code, it reads the Arabic words and connects them properly (Arabic is cursive), but when I run the code the direction and connection between letters are lost. See screenshot.


Hi @ahmadszeid thanks for your bug report. Can you also post a link to your Repl so the support team can investigate when available?

If you could also show what you are expecting to see if would be useful.

hay @IanAtReplit
I am having the same issue, and I would like to know the status of this ticket is it being resolved?
and when can we expect a solution?

Hi @MetaKing thanks for your message. Unfortunately we didn’t get any follow up from the OP so no progress is being made on this as far as I know.

If you could post a link to your Repl and what you are expecting to see it would be really helpful. Thanks.


OP already mentioned what they were expecting to see. The letters should be joined together in the console, like how they’re joined together in the editor


Hello @IanAtReplit as @QwertyQwerty88 said, OP already showed what it’s supposed to be vs what it shows when the code run
but here is what I was working on, it’s an English quiz for kids that ask for the meaning of words in Arabic
please check the Json file to see how the words are supposed to look like

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I was able to reproduce this issue and have sent this to the team. I will send an update as soon as I have one.


Thank you for sharing the additional information @MetaKing ! Glad to see that Shane is on the case!