How can I launch my game from the Play Store?

hello how can I launch my game in the play store explain the steps to me please

Could you explain what you mean exactly?

I programmed a game, which is the snake game, and I want luanch it on Google

What did you make said game in?

yes i programmed a game an d i want launch my app in play store
is this your domain it is your work “a dev app”

After a bit of googling, I found this guide:

I’m not sure how else I can help here.

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Do you know anyone I can contact for more information?
no i dont want this

You could wait for someone else to come help. I don’t know of anyone you could contact about this directly.

I assume you programmed the game as an APK file? If it’s just Python or HTML I don’t think you can directly port that to Google Play because those aren’t Android executables.

ok me i dev the games with python

so i code with androide studio