How can I install Firebase CLI on my Repl?

I am writing in Python.
I was trying to install Firebase CLI with the following command:

curl -sL | bash
as Firebase’s documentation suggests

but I got the following error:

bash: line 160: sudo: command not found
-- Checking for existing firebase-tools on PATH...
-- Checking your machine type...
-- Downloading binary from
bash: line 242: sudo: command not found
-- Setting permissions on binary...
bash: line 247: sudo: command not found
bash: line 255: /usr/local/bin/firebase: No such file or directory
Something went wrong, firebase has not been installed.

Any idea how I can got the CLI installed on my Repl?

Replit has blocked the sudo command to prevent root privileges, and to protect their servers.

Thank you @joecooldoo!
Does that mean I cannot work with Firebase’s CLI on Replit at all?

Depends on if the program you are trying to execute is doing something that can be done a different way that works with Replit.