How can i import json into the replit database?

How can i import json into the replit database? I know how to export it, but not how to import it, please help

You will have to make a program to dump each key into the DB.

Otherwise, you could upload the whole JSON to a key and update said key instead.
You’ll then need to use JSON parsing and serializing.

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and how do i do that?

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Here is a sample that would show you how to dump a JSON and it’s keys to the DB.

const Database = require("@replit/database")
const db = new Database()
const fs = require('fs')

// Find DB json
fs.readFile('./db.json', 'utf8', (err, jsonString) => {
  if (err) {
    console.log("Error reading file from disk:", err)
  try {
    // Parse JSON string to JSON object
    const data = JSON.parse(jsonString)

    // For each key, upload it to the database.
    Object.keys(data).forEach(key => {
      db.set(key, data[key])
  } catch (err) {
    console.log("Error parsing JSON string:", err)

This JavaScript code does the following actions:

  • Import the “@replit/database” library to interact with the replit database. Create a new instance of the database and assign it to db.

  • Import Node’s filesystem (fs) library, which enables file-system operations.

  • Attempt to read a file named db.json from the local disk. The readFile function is asynchronous and it takes in a callback function which is called when the reading operation is done. If there’s an error, it logs a console message with the error details and then returns from the function to stop further execution.

  • If the file reading was successful and no error occurred, it enters a try-catch block:

  • It tries to convert the content of the reading file (which is in JSON string format) into a JavaScript object using JSON.parse(). It then logs the parsed object’s content to the console using console.log.

  • It goes through each key in the JSON object and sets (stores) the key-value pair to the database using db.set().

  • If there is a syntax error or some other error while parsing the JSON string or storing data in the database, it will catch the error and console log the error message.


ok! thanks a lot :)!

There’s also an extension to allow you to do this! ReplitDB Import and Export


Thanks! I already tried the extension but i dont know how to use it, no icon appears, everything looks normal, like if i didnt add the extension, i dont see anything new, how do i use it?

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