How can I get the list of all my repls with python?

I would like to have the list of my repls with a python script.
Ghostwriter told me to use the API but it seem to have been removed.

I have found a way to get information about a specific repl with syntax but i would like to have the full list

How can i do ? is there still an API somewhere to do that ?

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There is a Replit API, but the schema isn’t public, and you need experience with Python Requests and the Replit API to do this, and it’a not an easy task. Since you’re a Patron I recommend to set up a bounty, maybe for 4k cycles!

Hello Hugo,
I can do something with requests and API of course but it seems the API has been deprecated
One API still works but not for listing repls

I may create a bounty but my main question is about using an API : if the solution is to browse the Repls page with my account, I can do it myself of course :slight_smile:

Of course you can do it yourself, but if I was to do this, in my case I wont be able to since I’ve got 1k+ repls!

I think this can be done with the API, but I can’t confirm it.

Here is a example that will get all the repl’s ids:

pip install automate-replit
from autoreplit import ReplitClient

client = ReplitClient()

async def main():
    user = await client.getUserByName("fvillemin")

Oh nice, thanks
And is there a way to get also private repls ?
is there a documentation for the automate-replit module ?

Try passing your SID, and since you are logged in, they might fall under “public”. If not you might have to use a custom query.