How can I fix my loop?

I am trying to make a while loop and I can’t get it to loop again. I was hoping to make it so the loop generates a random “set” of shapes with a built in onMousePress if statement to decide if the user is correct. after the user clicks on a shape it will return correct and incorrect “points” and start the loop again to generate another set. I cannot get this to work, as I don’t really know how to get the loop to start again. I tried a couple different things, but I am not very experienced, so I’m sure there’s a better way that I am missing. Any help would be appreciated on how to fix this, thanks.

The goal of the game is to select the shape with a color that doesn’t match. The correct shape for each set has a variable assigned to it so onMousePress can check if it is within the correct shape.
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while score < 15 and wrong < 3:
    sets = random.choice(groups)
    if sets == 1:
      #covers previous objects
      Rect(0,0,500,500,fill = "white")
      Rect(0,0,90,150,fill=rgb(228, 55, 237))
      Rect(100,0,90,150,fill=rgb(228, 55, 237))
      Rect(200,0,90,150,fill=rgb(228, 55, 237))
      Rect(300,0,90,150,fill=rgb(228, 55, 237))
      Rect(0,155,90,150,fill=rgb(228, 55, 237))
      Rect(100,155,90,150,fill=rgb(228, 55, 237))
      c_1 = Rect(200,155,90,150,fill=rgb(151, 59, 156)) #correct
      Rect(300,155,90,150,fill=rgb(228, 55, 237))
      def onMousePress(mouseX,mouseY):
        if c_1.contains(mouseX,mouseY):
          return score + 1
          return wrong + 1

Hello, it looks like you are trying to change the variable score or wrong when the user clicks an object.
I’m assuming that the onMousePress is indeed called as intended, when the user clicks the correct shape.
To change a variable outside of the function that is trying to change it, you must do some extra things. First of all, I don’t see how returning the change will affect anything at all.
So, you would increment the variable like so:

score += 1

However, you must also tell python that score is actually a global variable, that means it is defined outside of any functions (it’s not a local, function variable). So, put this at the start of the onMousePress function (or anywhere before setting the variable:

global score, wrong
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Thank you for the advice, I have changed the things you mentioned. Though I’m still not sure how to make the loop start again after a selection is made. Would you be able to advise me on how that can be fixed?

I think your loop would start again if you removed the break at the end of the loop.
Also, you must put global score, wrong inside the onMousePress function.
Also, it should be like score += 1 instead of score =+ 1 when trying to increment a variable.
You shouldn’t call gameLoop() from inside onMousePress, not because it’ll error, but because it’s a bad practice.

Oh thank you that is good to know. Removing the break caused an error message saying it generated 2000 shapes. I assume it ran infinitely and replit stopped it. I also removed the gameLoop() as it did not call the loop to run again like I had hoped, and I removed it. Is there a better way to make the loop run again after the onMousePress function? Thank you for all your help btw, I am learning a lot.

So, the problem is now this. You need the loop to wait for the user to click, otherwise it will generate a ton of shapes. But you don’t really need the loop for it.
I think the best way to do this is to separate the drawing shapes from the game loop altogether. Instead, put it inside the onMousePress function (no loop). Of course, call it once at the start of the program.

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