How Can I Find My Team's Projects?

How Can I Find My Team’s Projects ? please tell

Hello and welcome to the community, @admin233!

To view all your team’s projects, just go to the teams section of the sidebar menu and select your team. Here you will see your teams projects.

If you would like me to record a video to show you better, just tell me. Otherwise, if this post helped, mark it as a solution. If you don’t know how to mark a post as a solution, the below image should help.

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Nothing Showing There

@admin233 It would be very helpful if you could send a screenshot.

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Here The SS

It looks like you haven’t create any projects within this team.

i created More Than 3 projects , but none of them are showing

It looks like that’s a “Teams for EDU” team, which this is a known issue for. If you happen to remember the Repl names, you can access them by direct URL, just not through the UI.

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