How can I downgrade from python 3.10 to python 3.8?

I can’t find the “environment” menu:

from ghostwriter: You can downgrade the version of Python in the Replit IDE by clicking on the “Environment” settings in the left sidebar of the editor. In the tab labeled “Environment”, you will be able to select any environment that includes a specific version of Python. To downgrade your Python version to 3.8, select an environment including Python 3.8 and click the “Change Environment” button.

Hey @efibendor!

I’m sorry that Ghostwriter gave you an incorrect response! You can change your Repl’s environment from Python 3.10 to Python 3.8 by using our Nix configuration.

For example, you can use the Nix package python38 instead of the default Python package in the replit.nix file which should downgrade your environment to Python 3.8.