How can I delete a bounty?

I created a bounty. But I’m not happy with the applications and the communication with the different applicants. So, I canceled the bounty. However, I also tried to delete the bounty but I do not have the option to delete it.

Is there a way to delete a canceled bounty?

Hey there! We don’t have that feature yet. Canceled bounties can only be seen on your account and not from other users. Why do you want to delete it anyways? Just to clear the clutter?

How does that work? I’ve seen other people’s canceled bounties on the bounties page in the past.

As far as I could tell you can’t get to them from a profile. Could be wrong about getting to them from the bounties page though. Could you answer my second question please?

What second question? I’m confused.

Probably this. Not sure why he said “second” question.

Yes, it was mainly meant to decrease clutter.

Can anyone check if you can get to a canceled bounty from the bounties page?

I searched for it and couldn’t find in the “All Bounties” section. But I don’t see the reason why Replit doesn’t have the feature to just delete it.

Also, what about the cost of the bounty? Do I get a refund for it?

It’s unclear to me why you can’t delete them. Once the bounty is canceled, the Cycles go back in your account.

Where can I check if/when the cycles went back into my account?

@satyapolepalle Right here:

at under transactions.

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