How can I customize my profile?

So you want to customize your profile? That’s great! Customizing a profile is a very important thing, it gives an image of you, also better profiles sometimes get more clicks.

But you might be asking yourself these questions :

Where do I customize it?

How can I make a good About me?

Where do I change my profile photo?

Well, let’s answer all those questions! To first get to the profile page you need to follow these steps :

  1. Click on this link :

So you’ve gotten to the first customization page, let’s start doing some changes!

You first have your username which is editable, to change it just message a mod or admin to request a change. You then have your profile picture, to edit it just click on the button with a pen! You then have your email which is can be visible for nobody except admins.

Then we have the name, normally I don’t see a lot of people put their first and last name, just a nickname! Then we’ve got the titles, there titles for :

Replit Staff

Regulars and Leader titles are awarded once the badge is given to that person. Replit Staff is for staff, and the teacher title is awarded manually by staff. If you’re not teacher, TL3+, Mod or Replit staff you will have not titles

And finnaly we have flairs, a flair is an icon displayed on your profile. Flairs are available for Regulars, Mods and Replit Staff. If you are a Regular you will have a flair saying ‘L3’, if you are a mod you will have a verified icon as a flair and If you are a Replit Staff you will have the Replit logo as a flair. If you’re not TL3+, Mod or Replit staff you will have not flairs.

This is all for the first page, let’s go to the other page! To access to the profile steps follow this simple step :

  1. Click on this link :

You’re now on the profile page. Here you will be able to edit a ton of stuff!

The first thing is the About Me, this is like a bio. My bio is like this :

:wave: Hey, I’m Hugo!
:question: I’m most commonly known as Hugoonreplit!
:round_pushpin: I live in Madrid, Spain!
:trophy: Replit Rep, Spanish Channel Leader in the Replit Discord and Replit Mobile Tester.
:man_technologist: I’m currently working on a project to make Replit more accessible to Spanish people
:brain: I’ve got knowledge on Html, Css and Python
:hourglass: Currently studying Javascript, Rust and Raku
:email: Contact me on Email or on Discord → Hugoonreplit#0001

If you like how it’s organized to can use it also. To have a good About Me you need to make it good and organized! If you’d like to use my About Me just copy it and replace the details in it!

We then have the time zone and location, this is not an obligatory thing, but if you want a good profile you should put it!

Then you’ve got an option to link your website, this is a great idea, like that people will visit it + it makes your profile stand out more! After this you’ve got your Replit username, this is required!

Now you’ve got the really important part, the header and background card! You might be asking to your self :

What should I put as a header?

What should I put as a background card?

Well, let’s start with the header. Normally people have simple things, like colors, stars, and other things. You choose what you put, of course, the images in your profile should be appropriate! The profile header is like a banner, and the user background is what it’s seen when someone clicks on your profile in a post or topic. It’s like a banner for your profile in a mini-view!

You then have an option where you can feature a topic, normally people choose topics where they were outstanding contributors or where they were given a lot of support.

And finally, you can add your date of birth, when that data comes you will be on the cakeday page!

If you’ve done all the steps until here, congrats! You now have a good and nice profile.


This is a great guide @hugoondev thank you for sharing it with the community!


No problem @IanAtReplit, we should all know how to have a nice profile :grin:!


I’ve just used it to make my profile! Thanks @hugoondev !