How can I customize keyboard shortcuts in replit?

how can I customize keyboard shortcuts in replit?
please help me how can I change default keyboard shortcuts to what I want.

Hey @usernamedalo welcome to the forums!

I don’t think you can unfortently. You can request it in #feature-requests if you would like

sorry if this is too chatty lol… But it’s “unfortunately”, not unfortently :nerd_face:

For god sake, all I want you to tell me is how can I change the default keyboard shortcuts to what I want, For example, the default keyboard shortcut for running code in replit is Ctrl + Enter but I want to change it Shift + Z, So please tell me how can I do that.

Replit can’t do anything about keybpard shortcuts, since they are pre-built into your computer.

However, you can customise them by changing the keyboard settings in your computer.

If you are using Windows:

If you are using Mac (this creates a new shortcut instead of replacing them):

If you are using Linux:

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Well most keyboard shortcuts will be built into your computer like @Praquron said. However, the Ctrl + Enter is a Replit keyboard shortcut. Replit actually overrides some keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + S does not save the webpage to your computer; rather, it formats your code). As for using Shift + Z , how will you type a capital Z? Or do you mean Ctrl + Shift + Z? I don’t know of any way to change these, but you could submit a feature request. Also why did you include your entire post in your title?

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I was just frustrated finding the solution for this that’s why I included the whole post in title, by the way thanks for your comment

It doesn’t work for replit’s prebuilt keyboard shortcuts

If you find a solution please let me aware of that

You can edit the Replit keyboard shortcuts by going into your editor settings (which can be done by clicking on the “Settings” tab) and finding “keybinds”.

From there, you can change the keybinds, though you can’t fully customise them.

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It doesn’t work too, in keybinds there are only three options - default, emacs, and vim, there is no option available to change or customize keybindings, by the way thanks for replying and trying to find a solution

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Yes, that’s what I have said. you can only use built-in keybinds, you can’t customise them.