How can i clear a database

i know there is a command or a way to do it i just dont know how i was wondering if there is any way i can run a command in the console or shell to whipe my database if anyone could help that i would verry much aprcaite it

Which database and which language?

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Hii @aydenbg You can use this command


And find documentation on this link Click Here

Let me know if it worked

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i heard of that but it has many keys and i just want to reset it all like fully whipe it and i dont know the name of the keys

Currently we can delete only in this way.

If you want to delete all data base and keep code then I will suggest you download code in zip from replit then delete current repl and create new then copy your code back you will have clean database and code back in repo.

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oh i i was hoping it was posible to do that

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It would be helpful if you said what language you are working in and what database. If it’s js and ReplDB you can do db.empty()

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