How can I check for copyright in my Pokemon Game?

How can I check for copyright in my code
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Please clarify what you mean by “checking for copyright”.
Do you mean scanning for copyrighted materials within the source code, or do you mean giving credit to the original creators?

If you go to the pokemon website and read their terms of use:

Even if you do not profit from your game, creating a game that uses Pokémon content or is directly inspired by the Pokémon series in a manner that could be seen as a derivative work is not allowed under these terms.
The terms explicitly state that the content should only be used for personal, noncommercial home use and specifically prohibit the modification or creation of derivative works based on their content.

For example, when they say “Personal, Noncommercial Use Only”:

  • You are allowed to use PokĂ©mon content for personal entertainment within your home, but you cannot distribute or share this content, even for free.

The same applies to Distribution:

  • You cannot distribute anything that uses PokĂ©mon content in any form. This includes making a game available online or through any other channels.

Scanning for copyrighted materials

Thank you for this. So I cannot use any pokemon then?

Well, you can use them. You just can’t distribute the material online in any form according to their terms.

Even when I don’t make money from it?

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So I have to change everything that contains pokemon even without making money. Ok thank you for this :slightly_smiling_face: