How can i change my replit website name?

how can i change my replit website?
i cant found somebody can help me?

Do you mean how to change the name of your repl?
I’m assuming that you want to change it from “d” to something else?

There’s a couple ways you could do this.
You can go to My repls in the left navigation panel

and then find the repl you want to rename

click the 3 dots (…) and then click edit.

It’ll open this

where you can enter a new name and save it.

You can also do it from within your repl

You don’t have to click publish or anything for this method, just rename it and then click away from the dropdown box and it will refresh your repl with the new name.


If you meant to change your website domain @askimdilara, you’ll need to deploy to do that.